Quality Products

We have invested great time and effort travelling around the World, visiting farms and plantations, and in some cases helped crops to harvest in order to offer our vast selection of the finest coffees and teas.

Timeless Expertise

With over 80 years experience in the field, our master roasters have been perfecting the art of bean selection and roasting profiles to bring out only the best taste experiences for our customers.

Ultimate Freshness

We are a roaster above all and that means we roast large and small batches of a variety of coffees every day. This constant roasting-on-demand ensures the freshness and quality you deserve.


Artisan roasted coffee direct to your door

At Smiths we’ve developed our skills as coffee roasters for over 80 years. We roast small and large batches every day, developing unique flavours for each individual roast. We believe “Fresh is Best” so all of our roasting and packing is done to order.

This way the coffee you select is always the freshest when you receive it.


We are a family business and pride ourselves on our distinctive passion for tea and coffee roasting. We started off as a small local roaster in Mill Hill, operating out of a family-run grocery store serving the local Londoners.

Today, we operate a much larger factory in Hemel Hempstead, complete with state-of-the-art training and tasting facilities. We also supply coffee across the UK and Ireland, Central and Eastern Europe and the Far East. 


SALSA Certificate
Soil Association Certificate
NCC Organic Certificate
Fairtrade Certificate
Rainforest Alliance Certificate
Kosher Certificate